Saturday, March 8, 2008

Love and Happiness Pinewood Derby

So this is my battered car after a long night of racing. You might be thinking that I am too old to be racing a pinewood derby car but it turns out that our scouting program only has a few cub scouts so our church opened it up to the adults, with NO RULES! We call our creation the Great White Whale!

I thought it would be perfect to put some of my new Rub-Ons on the car. They went on Beautifully. My husband did the carving with what we had at our house. He hollowed out the bottom of the car and put in a lot of lead solder, in the real races cars can only be 5 oz. or less, ours weighed in at 12.7 oz, the heaviest car there!

I think we would have had a good chance at winning the Adult open race except we had a little tragedy. If you have noticed I have been only taking pictures of one side, that is because one of the front wheels came off in one of the races. Apparently all the kids were playing with all the cars before the races and ours was dropped in the process. It turns out the two wheels on one side were bent in.

This is a picture of the underside of the car, not the prettiest but it worked! My husband filled it in with the lead and then put an epoxy over the top, it looks pretty cool. He also had to epoxy in two of the wheels because the wheel slots were damaged when the bottom was being carved out. One of the epoxied wheel is the one that broke off and we didn't bring extra epoxy with us to fix it. Bummer! It was a lot of fun anyway!

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Sarah said...

That is so cute! I bet it was definitely the best looking car there! = )