Friday, August 3, 2007

Airport and Grandma's House

Okay, well my blog break was a little longer than I anticipated. I know how it is when you check a blog all the time and when it isn't updated I get a little anxious. So now that I am not on vacation anymore I have no excuse not to put something up. I am going to share some of our vacation photos with you. I don't have any from the Lake we went to because I thought I had forgotten my camera at my mom's house and it turns out it was in my purse the whole time, Silly Me! I will have to wait till my family emails me with the Water skiing pictures. This picture is of my children in the airport waiting to board the plane. They love to play together, I just hope we weren't driving anybody else crazy! They were just getting some energy out! Ha ha!
There goes my son, Always running to where ever he is going. Sometimes he has a funny run that always cracks me up.

In this picture we are in California and Auntie Mickey is reading to the kids. They are being so good, I don't think I can ever get them to sit still for as long as she did.
So, as you can see, my daughter saw that I was taking pictures and decided to smile for the picture and my son is occupied with his horse. They had tons of fun having their aunts and uncles around and I won't lie, it was nice to have them around too because I was able to steal a few moments to myself and my husband and I were able to go to the new Harry Potter movie. Finally!

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