Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Good News!

Look at those Groovy Guava Toenails! Okay, so you know you love Stampin' Up! when you can look at a color and you find an SU! color that matches! Before our Beach trip I went to go get my FIRST Pedicure Ever! I can go on and on about pedicures! Every Woman should at least get one in her lifetime!

Wow! Look at all those candles! While we were at the beach we celebrated Walter's Birthday. I was in charge of putting the candles on the cheese cake, Yum! So my husband is now the big 30! I was figuring that the cake had 10 slices, I don't know why but it sounded right so I was putting 3 candles on each slice, when I was finished putting the candles on my box that the candles came in was empty and it had 36 in it. I then figured out the mistake I made, the cake had 12 slices, Duh! So Walter had extra candles to blow out!

He did a pretty good job, so at least we know that when he turns 36 he should be able to blow out all the candles! Ha ha!
So one other bit of good news, Yep that is a + on the pregnancy test. I am pregnant!!! I am so excited to have another addition to our family. I am roughly due on the 31st of January! I am still not sure weather I want to know what the baby will be, because I have a boy and a girl already and I like surprises. My husband wants to know though. We will see! I will keep you updated.


Laura W said...

Wow, congrats! That's exciting!

Marie C. said...

Congrats Shawntel! I am so happy for you guys!

kristin c said...

that was your first pedicure???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I cannot believe that! Yay for the beach... we had so much fun! Oh yea, congrats on the baby!!!!

Michelle A said...

Oh, I'm so excited for you! I wanted to call you so badly, but it's much too late. Anyway, pretend this is me, so excited for you, calling you. Congrats!!